How to Save Money at the Movies

Going to the local movie theater to see the latest flick can be very expensive, especially at venues that offer full meals while you watch in place of traditional popcorn and candy options. Often, the concessions end up costing you a great deal more than the ticket price. Here are a few tips on how to save money at the movies:

First, you’re going to want to scout around for a theater that offers free refills on concessions. If you’re going with a spouse or significant other, you may be able to get away with each having the equivalent of a full drink and popcorn while only spending half of what you’d normally spend.

In any case, most theaters will offer a free refill on popcorn during the movie. This means that you could buy one small or medium sized box of popcorn and dispense it among everyone in your group before heading back to the counter for a refill. Some theaters only offer the free refills on their large sizes, but don’t worry, the large is typically just a “few cents more” than the small.

You can also save money by going to the matinee screenings. These are typically the shows that take place in the morning and early afternoon. By attending the matinee screening, you can save a significant amount when attending in a group. Some theaters even offer early-bird specials for the first show of the morning, which comes at an even greater discount.

Some theaters offer rewards programs and ask you to sign up for email lists. While your normal response might be the head to the hills when this happens, these programs can actually help you save money on tickets. A good theater will email you coupons for 10-20% off the regular purchase price, which can really add up to a lot of savings over time.

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