How to Troubleshoot Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Issues

Do you have a problematic Bluetooth keyboard that keeps having intermittent connection issues, needs resetting, or just flat out doesn’t seem to work? Troubleshooting wireless issues can be as difficult as pulling teeth, especially when you’ve managed to get everything working only to have it fail again moments later.

There are a few things you can do to troubleshoot a problematic Bluetooth device including:

Change the Batteries — Even new batteries can be faulty. It’s best to rule this out as a possible cause, even when the device itself lights up to indicate it’s searching for a connection.

Check Bluetooth Settings on the Computer — Some laptops have buttons and key combinations that switches the Bluetooth receiver on and off. This could easily have been tripped without the user knowing it. Checking to make sure Bluetooth is turned on is a practical step in troubleshooting.

How to Troubleshoot Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse IssuesCheck for Interfering Devices — Phones, two-way radios, and sometimes other wireless devices can create interference. Make sure your device is close enough to the receiver to get a clear, solid connection. Also, try removing any objects that send and receive data between them.

Reset the Computer and the Device — Sometimes, things get hung up and a reset is necessary. Resetting the computer and the device (by removing the batteries and/or holding down a connection button) can help clear out any of the cobwebs that built up over a period of time.

Check Bluetooth Drivers — Your computer may have outdated or incompatible Bluetooth drivers. Check to make sure the drivers installed are the latest and correct drivers for your system and/or device. You could also try rolling back the driver if the malfunction began right after a system update.

Try Using the Device on Another Computer — Ultimately, if everything before has failed, you’ll need to determine if the computer or the keyboard/mouse is at fault. You can do this by attempting to pair the device with another PC. Make sure the PC you originally had the device paired to is turned off and/or far enough away that it won’t automatically attempt to steal the link.

Ask a Friend — If all else fails, another set of eyes could be the best solution. It’s sometimes easy to miss something if you’re the only one looking at the problem. Ask a friend to take a look at your system and see if any possible cause can be found. If they can’t make their way over to your home, you could try setting up remote desktop sharing to give them access to your system from wherever they are. Citrix makes a great line of remote desktop solutions including GoToAssist and the more robust GoToManage.

You can try a 45-day free trial of GoToManage from Citrix by entering the promo code: PIRILLO45.

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