How to Troubleshoot PC Problems on Vacation

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WorkstationGoing on vacation is hard when you work in IT. It’s even more difficult when you work for a small company and you’re the only person the business depends on to keep everything running smoothly. Even if you don’t work in IT, you may have family members that depend on you to help them when their printer driver goes wonky or they forget how to find their wedding photos while company is over.

There are few jobs out there that are as demanding on your time as being the go-to person for computer issues. Your nights and weekends are on loan, and forget about taking a week off without having some risk of being called by the office to figure out a solution to an unexpected server issue. It happens every day, and I’ve known more than a few career IT professionals that suffer many years without a proper vacation.

Just because you’re the go-to person doesn’t mean you should have to suffer through being on-call to rush to the office at a moment’s notice. Modern remote access software has come a long way from years past. You can monitor servers, workstations, and even perform complex troubleshooting whether someone is at their desk or not.

GoToAssist is one such solution. With this one piece of easy to use software, you can access systems back at the office from virtually anywhere one the planet. In fact, you don’t even have to have a laptop with you. You can use GoToAssist to access systems from an iPad, iPhone, or an Android device.

If you ask me, remotely accessing workstations without losing your poolside spot at the luxury hotel halfway across the country is the best compromise you can make. The company is covered and you can justify taking a vacation once in a while.

Remote monitoring and support software can make life easier for everyone involved.

Remote support software doesn’t just make life easier for the person giving the support. Having the ability to instantly access virtually any system in inventory at a moment’s notice, control it live, and perform a number of advanced operations without having to be on site means your staff can get back to doing what they need to do faster.

Even if you do happen to have someone on site around the clock, it takes time to make your way across the office, solve the problem, answer questions about the problem, and make your way back to your desk.

Live monitoring is another useful feature available with modern support software. Knowing exactly how much RAM is being utilized on the primary server, receiving alerts when something steps out of place, or simply being able to see stats as part of the troubleshooting process is all a part of a comprehensive support plan.

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  • I like Teamviewer for remote desktop…

  • Yeah, I was a big fan of GoToAssist for a long time, as well. But I ended up switching over to RHUB’s appliance for security reasons… RHUB’s device works behind my firewall (instead of outside of it).

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