How to Remotely Deactivate Google Wallet on Your Android Phone

Having your phone turn up missing or stolen is one of the worst fears of the modern world. These days, our phones hold our email, contacts, schedule, and virtually any other aspect of our lives we can’t manage to keep committed to memory. If you have an Android phone with Google Wallet installed, you may be thinking about a lot more than your missing calendar.

As a general precaution, I don’t personally keep more than one physical means of payment with me at any given time. If I know the vendors I may be visiting during the day accept payments from Google Wallet, there’s no reason for me to bring the physical credit cards with me wherever I might be. Hence, they usually stay at home or in a secure location. Being robbed or losing your phone shouldn’t leave you out of the game for more than it needs to. A replacement credit card can take weeks to get to your door, leaving you in a bind should you be in an unfortunate situation.

As a security precaution in the event that you lose your Android device, there is a built-in remote kill feature for Google Wallet. In case the unwanted user manages to crack your initial passcode and Google Wallet PIN, it’s a good idea to just kill this app remotely to stop any unwanted payments made through your device. This is still way more efficient than calling every one of your credit card companies to stop each card individually should your wallet or purse be misplaced. Here’s how to do it:

  • Visit and sign in.
  • Select Devices in the menu along the left side of the page.
  • Find the device that turned up missing and hit the Disable Wallet app button below it.
  • Follow any additional instructions if any appear.

This should kill your Google Wallet app on that device and help you to rest assured that your phone will not be causing you severe financial harm. Meanwhile, your credit cards should still work just fine while you shop for a new phone.

Image: Screen Shot from Google Wallet Site

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