How to Work Two Jobs

In these economic times, you may find yourself thinking about taking on a second job to supplement your income. That big house of your dreams, gadgets you can’t live without, and other expenses all factor in to determining exactly how many extra hours you might need to put in. The problem is, how do you find the time to work two jobs?

You can start by taking a look at what you do in your spare time. It’s possible that working two jobs will eat away at what little leisure time you had before. Your favorite shows, games, and YouTube watching time may actually need to be scheduled parts of your day rather than ones you catch when you can. If you schedule your leisure time, you’re more likely to actually get to enjoy it.

Try to find a job that has you working from home. Blogging, video editing, graphics design, and many other gigs can be done from a home office, which makes it easier to work two jobs. This allows you some freedom to dress in comfortable clothes and spend time with family while crunching away at necessary tasks. Keep in mind though, that this requires a certain level of self control. It’s easy to turn a quick run to the kitchen for a drink in to a lengthy distraction involving laundry, mowing the yard, painting the fence, sanding the floor, and learning martial arts by doing all of these things.

If you can’t work from home, make your second job one with very little responsibility. The stress of a supervisory roll from a single job can take its toll on you emotionally. When considering where to apply for your second job take a look at roles that end as soon as you clock out. For example, a call center manager by day that has to deal with constant questions, complaints, and other stresses may find the quiet work of a night security guard to be an excellent balance.

No matter how or what you do, remember that having one job is always better than having none at all. You absolutely must make sure that your primary position isn’t hurt by moonlighting. If you find yourself unable to feel rested given your reduced time off, you may need to come up with an alternative method for supplementing your income.

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