iPen 2 Brings a Stylus to the iMac, iPad, and More

iPen 2Using a stylus with an iMac, Apple Cinema Display, or any other flat glass panel display has long been a dream of artists and other creative individuals hoping to gain some added functionality out of their favorite computer. Unfortunately, Apple has yet to make a touch sensitive iMac or Cinema display.

Enter the iPen 2, a Kickstarter Project with a lofty $360,000 goal that promises to bring an innovative stylus to your iPad, iMac, Apple Cinema Displays, and virtually any screen with a flat glass front panel.

How would a single stylus be able to work on both an iPad and a regular glass screen display? The trick is in the technology, and this isn’t your grandpa’s stylus.

The iPen 2 is equipped with a pressure-sentistive tip that records up to 1024 levels of pressure in order to translate your pen strokes the way a normal writing utensil might. Light strokes are recorded as such, and heavy strokes with higher pressure are bolder and thicker in supported applications like ibisPaint X and Ghostwriter Notes.

What makes the iPen 2 different? It’s more than just a stylus. It uses a pair of invisible light sensors to determine precise stylus positioning and angle agnostic functionality. Theoretically, you should be able to hold iPen 2 at any angle and have its pressure sensors work the exact same way.

For iPad users, there is a special dock that enables you to use iPen 2 with it while charging your iPad using a mini USB port. The iPad receiver uses the same invisible light technology to lend angle agnostic functionality to the iPen 2. You can use the same stylus with both the iPad and an iMac if you have the compatible sensors.

Sketchbook and Painter in OS X and Windows work well with iPen 2, and that’s a great thing for artists who don’t want to give up their favorite applications.

This looks like a fairly good product if it delivers on the promises made in the Kickstarter campaign. We can only hope that Cregle Inc. is able to meet its lofty goals before the end date comes in. At the time of this article’s writing, over $15,000 has been raised.

Would you use a stylus on an iMac? What would you use it for?

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