Is Cell Phone Radiation Dangerous?

Is Cell Phone Radiation Dangerous?There are a wide range of theories surrounding the long-term effects of radiation associated with wireless communication devices. Everything from cell phones to Wi-Fi enabled devices are transmitting and receiving signals all around us. The question currently facing scientists is whether or not there is any concrete evidence linking various types of cancer to increased usage of cell phones and other devices. For some, the answer could be years away.

A study released some time ago in the Journal of Andrology revealed a possible link in frequent cell phone usage to a drop in sperm count. Like any study, a conclusive connection is difficult if not impossible to determine due to a variety of factors that may or may not be influencing the people involved in the study, itself. The Journal of the American Medical Association performed a 47-member study that confirmed previous theories that cell phone usage excites brain molecules, increasing glucose levels; it’s a sign that brain activity in the areas closest to the cell phone is increased. Does this lead to brain cancer, or other long-term ailments? Studies attempting to confirm or debunk this theory are ongoing.

One group of concerned Americans has taken to the mountains to escape Wi-Fi and wireless communication radiation. This group, dubbed by the media as “Wi-Fi Refugees” has elected to forgo ongoing studies and escape to the rural mountains, far from any bothersome (or dangerous) wireless radiation. While many would consider them paranoid, they would say that the constant barrage of radio waves they faced in the city resulted in headaches, nausea, blurred vision, and a number of other unpleasant symptoms.

While the debate of possible harm during long-term exposure rages on, one thing that isn’t debated very heavily is the obvious connection to texting and death. Texting while driving is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths every year, and the victim isn’t always the person doing the texting. In many cases, it’s an innocent second party. In addition, using smartphones to look up directions on an integrated GPS, search for an address for a possible destination, and other cell phone distractions also contribute to what has been described by driving safety advocacy groups as being akin to playing Russian roulette.

So whether these cell devices we use every day are slowly giving us cancer, or simply providing us with a platform on which to call friends and play Angry Birds is yet to be determined. One thing that is for sure is that these devices can prove deadly if used during situations where concentration is absolutely critical.

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  • Scientist have exposed bacteria to X-rays and gotten a certain stain pattern.
    They exposed bacteria to a cell phone for 24 hours, and got the same stain pattern.

    About 3% of the population is sensitive to microwave radiation, and EMF(electromagnetic frequency)

    With all the cell phones, cell phone towers, smart meters increasing, I think we will see a increase in people having EMF sensitivity.

  • Very interesting

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