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wtfjeansWTFjeans is at it again with a new pair that boasts superior protection for your smartphone. Not only do these jeans come with a specially designed pocket lined with microfiber cloth for your phone, but also one for your USB thumb drive, and plenty of other places to stash your portable electronics.

WTFjeans primarily promotes its latest design as being especially suitable for iPhone 5 users, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t work well with just about any smartphone or portable media player of similar size. The microfiber-lined pocket is boasted to not only protect your phone from scratches, but also to clean off fingerprints (and potentially bacteria) each time you take it out. The pocket measures 4.87″ x 2.31″ x 0.30″, which is suitable for a great many different smartphones currently on the market.

In order to pick up a pair of your own, you’ll need to act fast. Only 2,048 pairs of this particular style are being made. WTFjeans positions its products as being made for it and it’s that exclusivity that makes these jeans a bit more appealing to some.

What isn’t terribly appealing is the $159 price tag, or the size, which only goes up to a men’s 38/42. These jeans aren’t exactly made for the plump, but they’ll fit quite a few males with a waist size between 30 and 38. If you fall outside of this category, don’t feel bad. I’m right there with you.

Over all, I’m not terribly taken away by the design. These are certainly fashionable jeans, and the addition of a microfiber product makes them a bit more appealing to people like myself that constantly battle fingerprints on our phones. Unfortunately, the exclusive nature of this product makes it a bit of a hard sell for many. With only 2,048 pairs being made, I’m sure this is WTFjeans’ intention from the start.

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