Julia Child Remixed for PBS to Celebrate Her 100th Birthday

Julia Child Remixed for PBS to Celebrate Her 100th BirthdayEven eight years after her passing, Julia Child remains a household name heard throughout homes and kitchens across the world. Her unique personality and eclectic background were just part of an overall appeal that catapulted her to success and inadvertently triggered a genre of television shows featuring chefs in the kitchen demonstrating cooking techniques and sharing recipes that promised to bring restaurant-quality cuisine to the home.

Julia Child’s service during World War II has also been a topic of conversation in recent history as more details of her involvement in espionage became publicly available. Indeed, her history may be every bit as interesting as the legacy she left behind.

Her cooking inspired home chefs around the world and introduced French cuisine to mainstream America. It was this inspiration that encouraged a blogger (Julie Powell) to undertake a year-long project that resulted in a bestselling book and later a feature film.

Indeed, Child lead a life to be proud of. She accomplished more than anyone could have anticipated. She overcame obstacles including sexism in the culinary world, helped fight a World War, brought French cuisine to America in a big way, wrote several bestselling books, and hosted a number of television shows that changed the world of entertainment. It’s safe to say that she may be, in her own way, one of the most important women of the past century.

Today marks her 100th birthday, and to celebrate, PBS Digtal Studios teamed up with John D. Boswell to create an auto-tuned remix of some of her best moments on television. The remix is actually quite catchy.

The question now goes to you, the reader of this article. Have you been in some way inspired by Julia Child? Have any of her recipes or cooking techniques found their way into your kitchen? What does her legacy mean to you?

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