LED Message Board Makes It Easy to Leave Messages for Coworkers

Have you ever wanted to leave a message for your coworkers while you were away from your desk that let them know where you were and how you could be reached? Sure you could write it on a sheet of paper and tape it to your monitor, but that’s so primitive. What about leaving the message on a scrolling LED sign that can be seen from across the office?

What Does It Do?

There should be an image here!Powered by a single USB cable, this Dream Cheeky LED Message Board allows you to configure up to eight different messages at three brightness settings that scroll freely, allowing you to send a message to the office without having to say a word.

Characters can scroll up, down, left, right, or freeze and flash. You can also set up bitmap images, which gives a photographic touch to your signage.

Sound effects are also available with this particular device, though the sound comes out of your PC’s sound card rather than speakers built in to the LED Board. The more I think about sound effects on a device like this, the less I see much of a point in putting a speaker on the device in the first place.

System Requirements

The latest version of the LED Message Board is compatible with Windows 7 / Vista / XP SP2 or Later and OS X 10.7 or later. You’ll need to have speakers plugged into your PC in order to take advantage of sound effects, and the ability to type messages you’d like to see appear on the message board.

The LED Message Board is powered and operated through USB, and you’ll need to install a special program to configure the messages. You can download the software free from the Dream Cheeky site.

If you’ve been looking for a way to have scrolling messages of the day available to you from your desk with a device that costs just a little more than a fast food lunch, then the LED Message Board from Dream Cheeky is a fairly good bargain.

Do you have use for something like this in a way that I’ve not mentioned? Be creative and tell us about it in the comments below!

You can get your own Dream Cheeky LED Message Board here. Happy Glow Week!

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