Lenovo Backing Away from Linux Options Online

For those fans of open source, like myself, that were enjoying the option of having a new system pre-installed with Linux rather than a bulky Windows filled with bloatware, Lenovo might not have an option for you. They have announced that they are cutting back on their Linux pre-installed system availability through their main site.

Their spokesman, Ray Gorman, has stated that their commitment to Linux has not changed, though what has changed is the ability to order Lenovo ThinkPads and ThinkCentres with pre-installed Linux via the lenovo.com Web site. To me that would appear to be a direct change in how the company intends to promote and offer the operating system to its customers.

You can still order a Lenovo with the Linux package if you go through their partner direct sales teams, so if you were dead set on having one of their machines without Windows you still have the option, though it comes at a cost of having to deal with a sales representative that will push every up sell imaginable to you.

You can still get a Dell with Linux on-board online.

Source(s): Computerworld, Lenovo, Dell

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