MacLegion Offers Free Software Bundle to OS X Users

I love useful software. Even more than that, I love free software. After having enjoyed MacLegion’s previous bundles, it was a pleasant surprise to see a notice about a free bundle being offered right now in anticipation of MacLegion’s next big paid bundle coming out soon.

I reached out to Nate Houle, a member of the MacLegion team, to discuss this free bundle and any upcoming news that might interest software bundle fans like myself.

MacLegion is a bit different from some of the larger software bundle companies currently catering to the OS X crowd. It’s a small operation, and bundled software is (in part) determined by MacLegion’s customers. An application wishlist sits in the user’s dashboard that allows them to weigh in on applications they believe should be offered in a future bundle on MacLegion. In turn, MacLegion will reach out to these developers and attempt to work out a deal that brings the app to a future bundle.

When asked what sets MacLegion apart from its competition, Nate replied: “We stand by all the apps in our bundles and so do the developers.”

Because there are two people actually running MacLegion, a decision was made to leave design and other specifics to an outside team while Nate and his business partner concentrate on direct customer interaction and support. It’s this type of personal 1-on-1 approach that is redefining how business operates in this modern environment driven by social media and word-of-mouth advertising.

The current bundle being offered for free is a promotional pack. It’s safe to assume to MacLegion has a larger paid software bundle coming soon. In fact, when asked about an upcoming bundle, Nate admitted: “Yes, there is something big on the horizon.” He continued, “It will launch when the counter on our main bundle site expires.”

Here’s a look at some of the software you can pick up in the free bundle.

  • ColorStrokes — A color manipulation tool for photographers.
  • Scrambler — File and disk encryption.
  • MacPilot — OS X utilities and tools to keep your Mac running smoothly.
  • Thumbs — A useful tool for generating thumbnails of your media collection.
  • Wallpaper Wizard — A wallpaper assistant that keeps your desktop looking fresh and interesting.

When it comes to paid bundles, one of the biggest problem is paying for a bundle of software that has one or two great applications and a whole bunch of apps that really aren’t useful or particularly relevant. Outdated software also finds its way into bundles at an alarming rate. MacLegion’s founders have made it clear that their goal is to avoid such a problem with their offerings by not only taking customer feedback on apps they’d like to see in bundles, but making sure each app can be useful on a daily basis to its users.

Between MacHeist, the Humble Bundle, and MacLegion, I rarely have to actually buy software outright. Usually, the deals offered by these bundle programs are exceptionally good, and I’d rather throw down one $30-50 payment for seven apps than $20-40 for one. In some cases, apps regularly sold at $100 or more find their way into these bundles, making the deal pay for itself with a single app.

I’m curious what’s to come after this free offer expires. For now, I’m having too much fun playing with ColorStrokes.

What would you like to see in a software bundle for OS X? Are there specific apps that you use every day that would fit right in to a bundle?

Image: ColorStrokes Logo

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