Memoto Wearable Camera Promises to Capture and Catalog Your Life

MemotoImagine wearing a camera that wasn’t entirely suspicious looking and having a 5 MP photo taken of whatever it is you’re facing twice a minute, every minute of every day. That might sound a little creepy, or perhaps even a bit Orwellian, but the makers of the Memoto Lifelogging Camera believe it’s just what our share-everything society is looking for.

In what has already been an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign, the Memoto has earned over $470,000 in preorders and other supporting donations by folks interested in the technology. Originally asking for just $50,000 to fund the initial fabrication, Memoto’s designers are looking towards even loftier designs including waterproofing, a dock, and a wide-angle lens.

The Memoto isn’t the first wearable automatic camera with the goal of capturing every bit of a person’s life. The Autographer is another such device, which boasts the ability to detect the perfect shooting conditions and capture moments when things are perfectly in focus. In fact, the two devices are so similar that the only real differences between them come down to design and software options.

The Memoto is certainly a handsome little device. Its sleek, colored surface would fit right in with modern fashions, and it’s just easy enough to overlook that most folks would never guess that they’re being photographed. This might add a bit to that creepy factor we talked about earlier, though it isn’t quite as bold or obvious as the larger Autographer.

It’s safe to assume that in a few years just about everyone will have access to a wearable automatic camera.

Features in the Memoto include an integrated GPS that logs where pictures are taken, and built-in software with mobile app integration so you can find and share photos taken by the Memoto from your smartphone. Oh, and the ability to find pictures by location and/or date/time is built right in.

I can’t help but be intrigued by the concept of having a camera on you, automatically logging your daily activities as they happen without you even having to so much as hit a shutter button. I’m not sure how interesting people’s lives must be, but I’d imagine there are going to be a lot of photos of Memoto users just sitting on the couch watching television.

One good thing about the Memoto is that it detects when you’ve set it down or put it in your pocket. Doing either of these things stops the picture-taking process and saves you from any embarrassing situations that might arise. For example, you might want to take it off prior to going to the bathroom.

Creepy privacy issues aside, the Memoto is an interesting gadget that mimics one of the more anticipated features of upcoming wearable tech such as Google Glass. Pretty soon, just about anyone you see on the street will not only have a camera on them (they already do), but have it raised and actively shooting wherever they go.

Let’s hope we don’t do anything we wouldn’t want to appear on the Internet in front of a Memoto owner.

2 comments On Memoto Wearable Camera Promises to Capture and Catalog Your Life

  • Then in future, things like CCTV is everywhere :O

  • Hi, this is Lina from Memoto. Thanks for writing about our company and sharing your thoughts and concerns! We’re looking forward to shipping an awesome product to the market and we appreciate your support! If you (this blog or its readers) have any questions – please don’t hesitate to reach out through twitter, facebook, web, kickstarter, etc!

    Kind regards, Lina Boozon Ekberg / Memoto

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