Microsoft Windows 8 Launch

Microsoft Windows 8 LaunchIt’s been 17 years since Windows 95 introduced the world to a new interface, which included a Start menu in the lower-left corner of the screen. The new OS took the world by storm, and enabled Microsoft to gain a significant lead over its biggest competitor, Apple.

Now, it’s 2012 and Windows 8 has been released. In what analysts and pundits are calling the most significant change to the user experience since Windows 95, the Start button is gone and replaced with an entire screen of tiles which blends what you might expect from a mobile interface with the traditional Windows desktop.

Whether you love it or hate it, Windows 8 is finally here. As Microsoft put it during the launch event in New York, it’s all in.

What to Watch for in Coming Months

The true test of whether or not Windows 8 will be considered a success starts now, and extends into 2013. The first few months are critical for Microsoft. It has to make it clear to the public that early impressions of the OS based on the Developer and Consumer Previews are worth reconsidering now that the OS is complete.

My own personal experience with the release version has been incredibly different from my foray into Consumer Preview. I’m willing to bet that a good number of people casting doubt out there would change their minds if they gave the new OS a week or two of frequent use.

As for the general consumer, change is a difficult thing to overcome. Change creates pain points, and that makes people want to consider alternatives. The media, early adopters, and tech pundits of the world are going to weigh in on the new OS over the next few months and ultimately set the stage for the general population. Is Windows 8 going to be a success? It’s anyone’s guess at this point.

Why Upgrading Early is Not Recommended for Everyone

Like any operating system update, there is an adjustment period for both developers and users. Upgrading your OS just because a new version is available isn’t necessary. My aunt asked me today if she should upgrade, and I told her no.

Why? Because Windows 7 will continue to work just fine for current users. Until you get a new computer, there’s no need to worry about upgrading. Honestly, that’s the truth.

Upgrade if you want to. Don’t feel obligated to do so.

What’s Broken?

I have a pretty wide range of software on my PC. I’m a gamer, video editor, and a music lover. All of my software transitioned to Windows 8 just fine. The only thing that didn’t carry over was Microsoft Defender, and that’s built-in to Windows 8 anyway.

A perceived break is in the missing Start menu. You can overcome this with third-party software, but the Start page really doesn’t seem that jarring after a while. I’ve already gotten used to it, and I haven’t lost any productive time doing so.

There may be some folks out there with outdated drivers and/or hardware which may find the upgrade difficult. You can see if your gear is compatible by heading to Microsoft’s Compatibility Center and seeing if your system has what it takes to run Windows 8.

10 comments On Microsoft Windows 8 Launch

  • how do we upgrade because the link on windows website for the 39.99 dollar deal is not working. I see that chris has it. I was just wondering

    • The most annoying fact about Win 8 for me is that there is no advanced appearance settings for personalizing.
      Menus etc all have black fonts.
      This is the main reason why I won’t upgrade.
      Start screen etc. can be solved but not this.

  • When we have a review of Surface RT, could we also have the battery life commented upon

  • Have just bought my second copy of Win8 Pro – yes I want / have used secure boot, boot from VHD, HyperV for PC and want single-signon with my corporate network.

    Download link is to download and run Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, which produces really useful app issues list as html – save to USBPen.

    It then leads you into online purchase.

    Big Issue – those with ‘active’ Firewall products running may then find purchase fails or just does not progress – sorry, but temporary suspend of outgoing firewall necessary.
    Card or PayPal purchase then work.

    Microsoft should put more capacity on download servers, as 2.5 hours wait is just too long.

  • ummm wasn’t there a registry hack in windows 8 to disable metro and bring back the old start menu

  • What really bothers me and you can ponder this for a moment.

    When the developer and consumer previews came out we all knew that they were not the final product but yet certain features such as Metro were able to be changed in the registry. Why did MS decide to wait before they remove these completely for RTM?

    In my mind they did this so they wouldn’t get all the negative feedback. Who wants bad press when your about to launch a new flagship.

    I’ve played with it and as I have stated in the past. A Tablet is nothing but a device for portable stuff. It’s a shuttle craft for your Star Ship and nothing more. You do your main work with a PC and a $150 Android tablet will do the same thing.

    No matter how much glitter you throw on a cat turd and it’s still just a cat turd. Why you people love beads and bobbles because it’s shinny is beyond me especially when it ends up at the Good Will Store in just a couple of years for 1-100th of the original price.

  • my main problem with windows 8 in general is that it doesn’t atctually allow you to do anything new; it mearly makes common tasks more difficult, if not, differnt than usual.

  • Well, somewhat to my surprise the transition to Win 8 Pro was painless. After a couple of days, this OS is proving to be quite simple to use; it is Win 7 on speed! Much more intuitive, fast, fun and simply the best OS MS has yet come up with!
    I am using mouse/keyboard input since I don’t have a touch screen. I can only guess that touch input would be a blast.
    Jeez, I’m sounding like a MS fanboy! Help!

  • Adobe made sure it was compatible, the new Office 2013 works fine, I am surprised that Quickbooks 2012 Pro was not ready for the change. You cannot email an invoice as the PDF converter does not work…..this after 1:44 on the phone with Mohammed in customer support

  • Great article. Major change for MS and they should be applauded. Change is difficult for anyone and their should be an allotted time for getting used to it.. Also, as this is a big shift for MS, they will continue to update and improve their product. Just as Apple has done. Name of the game. If you signed on for the game, you gotta play by the rules.

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