MMO Ryzom Opening to Free-to-Play

Ryzom, an MMORPG set more than 2000 years in the future on an evolving world, is going free-to-play allowing users to enjoy the game without time limitations up to level 125. Once you hit level 125, you cease to gain experience but are able to continue playing as long as you wish. You are also limited in other ways including being unable to take items out of guild halls and owning mektoub packers. They’re doing this to attract new players and encourage them to purchase a monthly subscription in order to enjoy many of the features of the MMO. This strategy has become commonplace among aging games with a population on the decline. Be careful though, as it’s often an early sign that the MMORPG’s days are numbered.

Other MMOs to go from subscription to a free-to-play model in the past include Everquest 2, Lord of the Rings Online, and Dungeons and Dragons Online. Each of these games had a healthy amount of subscribers at their start that dwindled over time with stiff competition from larger titles including World of Warcraft.

Below is their press release originally posted on the game’s official forums:

On Wednesday, March 9 between 09:00 and 11:00 GMT, the servers will be brought down for the implementation of patch 1.11.0.

This patch brings the following:

New Free Trial System

We are pleased to announce that from now on, players that create a new account can play Ryzom without time or place limits. Instead, free trial accounts are now limited to a maximum level of 125 in all different skills, enabling everyone to sample all aspects of Ryzom and to discover what makes this MMO unique. When you reach level 125 in a skill you can still continue playing, but you will gain no more experience points. The second limitation is storage: you cannot own any mektoub packers, use the inventory of your apartment or take any items from a guild hall.

Despite the freedom of this new system, we would like to remind you that Ryzom can only live on through your paid subscriptions. Thank you for the confidence you have in us.

New Zoraï enemy to fight: “Pei-Ruz the Rotten”

The Marauders’ thirst for vengeance continues to grow. After Dante the Teaser, a new enemy makes his appearance. Although his camp has not yet been discovered, it is rumored that Pei-Ruz the Rotten wants you to experience the most terrible suffering. Homins should expect a fight.

If you want a sneak preview of this new marauder, log in on Wednesday, 9 March at 00:00 GMTMore info…

New Roleplay Event Sequence “Tears of the Emperor”

Dexton, Emperor of the Burning Desert, is gravely ill and the Fyros are working with the Zoraïs to save him. Will they succeed to restore him to health and to restore him to power in the Desert? Dare the Matis take advantage of this temporary weakening of their old enemy? And how will the people of the late Governor Still Wyler enter into the balance?

These are just some questions that you will be faced with in the coming weeks. This sequence will provide large-scale interactions between the homin peoples of Atys. More than ever, your actions have an impact on the future of the bark.

But beware, any victory is deserved! To save the camp you choose, you must do better than others, but also do it faster! Because it is a race against time that just started… A race where the stakes will shape the face of the Atys of tomorrow…

An event in this sequence will be held on 14 March at 00:00 GMT.


Other changes:
– The visual quality of characters has been improved.
– Mektoub mounts can now store 3 times as much.
– Other small changes you will discover by yourself.

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  • Still downloading, can’t wait to try it on my laptop. My Linux is being uncooperative as of current

  • One thing is for sure MSFT has a massive developer network. I recently finished managing a development effort using .NET3.5 and WPF. The development timeline was fast and using an agile method allowed the team to get a product to market quickly. How quickly can the dev. community can adapt and migrate the massive base of programs already in production to apps that are cross platform capable? This will be very important because there is a lot of competition for market share right now and with PC manufacturers dumping hardware units it seems that MSFT stranglehold may finally slip in the years to come at the enterprise workstation level. More and more people want to be untethered from the legacy PC. Someone needs to make the PC platform sleek and sexy in order to compete with consumers and users that are tired of noisy fans, burning laps, clunky cases and flaky hardware drivers

  • I am actually quite excited about this, and I am not even a Windows user.

  • “Redmond start your photo copiers” -Bertrand Serlet

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