Muppets Animal Slippers Are Fun and Cozy

Muppets Animal Slippers Are Fun and Cozy
You can relax in the privacy of your own home or go running down the street shouting “Mahna Mahna!” in these cozy Muppets Animal Slippers — your choice! [Image shared by Amazon]
Few Muppets characters are as recognizable as Animal. For countless people around the world, Animal is a symbol of letting loose and having fun. What you might not know is that these Muppets Animal Slippers are really, really comfortable. Who knew something so reckless and rambunctious can be so cozy during otherwise quiet nights at home?

My enjoyment of the Muppets characters reaches back to my early, early youth. It seems that every once in a while, the Muppet Babies theme song creeps into my head and won’t leave until I embarrassingly sing it aloud to anyone and everyone in the general vicinity. Chances are, it will get stuck in your head after reading this post, too (you’re welcome).

Muppets Animal Slippers Soothe the Savage Feets

I grew up watching Muppet Babies. The opening theme song was so catchy, so easy to remember, and so embedded in my psyche that even now, decades after watching the show with frequency, I find myself unable to resist reciting the lyrics whenever Fozzy, Gonzo, Ms. Piggy, or Animal (my personal favorite) crosses my line of sight.

The Muppets have entertained generations of children and adults through their antics on their various shows, movies, and in guest roles that span decades. These fuzzy, often goofy characters have become a symbol of entertainment, childhood, and now comfortable footwear.

What I love most about the Muppets Animal Slippers is that they’re made for grown men like me. Grown men who are proud to call themselves Animal fans. Grown men with the Muppet Babies theme song stuck in their heads.

Be proud to be an Animal fan. Animal is cool to folks of any age. Isn’t it about time we allowed ourselves to warm our feet with something other than the same old, tired slippers our grandparents grew up wearing?

Real men wear Muppets Animal Slippers… period. Want a pair of your own Muppets Animal Slippers? Get ’em now!

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