How to Find the Name of a Song on iOS or Android

How to Find the Name of a Song on iOS or AndroidHave you ever had a song stuck in your head that you just couldn’t shake? You know the general tune and a small part of the lyrics, but the name of the song just isn’t coming to you. Believe it or not, there are apps for that on both Android and iOS that are designed to help you solve this musical mystery.

Whether the tune is playing in the background or swimming around in your head, you can figure out the name of the song thanks to apps like SoundHound and Shazam. Both of these apps are available absolutely free on iOS and Android.

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at what makes them different.


Download: SoundHound on iOS / SoundHound on Android

SoundHound has a lot going for it in the world of music recognition. Not only can it listen for music playing on a speaker, but it does a fair job of recognizing a tune hummed or sung by the user.

My wife and I took turns trying to get it to recognize various songs and, while she had some luck with it, my singing voice is apparently so far off that its best guesses were way off. Still, it’s good to know that it does work for at least some of its users.


Download: Shazam on iOS / Shazam on Android

Shazam is by far the best-known music identification app available for mobile devices to date. Not only can it identify songs playing in the background, but it’ll take you to where you can purchase the song for keeps. In comparing it to SoundHound, most of the features are almost identical, though Shazam has received some integration through network television. Just fire up Shazam while the logo is displayed on your favorite show, and you’ll be sent to an exclusive page and/or playlist for additional content.

American Idol fans can use it to link to and download playlists released after each episode just by firing the app up during a contestant’s song.

Final Thoughts

Each of these apps does a great job of identifying music as it is playing. SoundHound is a great solution for folks who may not have the songs in their head readily available for playback.

Shazam is perhaps the top contender out of the two in the general purpose space. It acts as a value-add for popular television programs and is a great way for folks to get quick access to the music they love. The social aspects of Shazam are also worth noting as they make identifying music a community activity. After all, a good song is always more fun to hear about than what someone’s eating for lunch.

Do you know of or use an app that isn’t listed here? Tell us about your experiences in the comments area below.

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