Without Emurse, Where Can You Host Your Resume?

Emurse has long been one of my personal favorite suggested sites for anyone in search of a new job. I was surprised and saddened last week to discover that AOL is shutting the service down on July 15, 2012. That leaves a lot of happy Emurse users (like me) in search of a new way to host their resume online so prospective employers can find and contact us.

So, what are the alternatives? Can you keep your Emurse resume alive without the service itself? There are actually quite a few options open to you.


LinkedIn is the social network that bridges the gap between traditional business and social media. Just about anyone who considers themselves a professional has some presence, or link to a presence on LinkedIn. It’s a great place to post your resume, send and receive recommendations from current and former coworkers, and connect with potential employers on an even playing field that gives you the advantage over the competition that simply submits their resume and/or fills out a job application.

I’ve connected with past employers that I would otherwise consider to be stuck in the stone ages. It really is a social experience that transcends generations. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is all about your professional profile. Your friends won’t leave embarrassing comments on your photos, tag you at places you wouldn’t want a potential employer to know you’ve been, or share unwanted photos of you at parties. It’s a great environment that enables you to put your best face forward, find the people who you want to work for, and make those important connections that could result in a prosperous career in the future.

Even if you have your resume hosted elsewhere, you should have a profile on LinkedIn if only to make you more visible to the very people who might change your life later on.

Personal Blog

I’ve created a subdomain within my personal blog that hosts a downloaded HTML version of my Emurse resume. This enables me to keep track of traffic, and make immediate changes as they are needed. In addition, I never have to worry about some third-party site shutting down and taking my resume offline. This also gives potential employers the opportunity to check out my blog and find out who I really am. It’s rare to find a candidate that offers information about themselves to recruiters beyond the resume, and if your blog puts you in the best light possible, it couldn’t hurt.

You can host it within your blog through a page, or create a subdomain by creating a new folder within your site’s root folder, changing the name of your resume’s HTML file to index.html, and turning that folder into a subdomain using your host’s options. If you use free hosting, this may not be an option for you but you can still add your resume to the site as a link.


About.me brings the resume into a modern era. You can create a profile there that contains virtually anything you’d like to put there about yourself. Your social network profiles, site links, portfolio, and resume can all appear on this site. Best of all, it’s free to use and the URL itself isn’t terribly unprofessional.

About.me is a great alternative to Emurse. It gives you stats on how many people are viewing your profile, and when. It may not be as detailed as Emurse, but it does work quite well in a pinch.

Pay close attention to whatever it is you put as your background image. A good photo of yourself can be a great thing, but it’s better that this photo is taken by a professional photographer or in a setting which doesn’t give out too much information about yourself. A photo of you at a party can send the wrong message, but a neutral background such as the ocean, mountain, or park could be a bit more appealing.

Alternatively, you can go with simple designs or a solid color. Try to avoid loud designs that distract the eye from the text. This isn’t MySpace, it’s your professional profile.


If you’re looking for a dedicated resume hosting site that will help you build the resume as well, Resume.com could be the solution you’re looking for. It’s a simple site that gives you the ability to create and host a resume for free. It’s a popular choice among first-time job seekers, but could also be useful for experienced professionals hoping to have somewhere to send people to find their resume online.


VisualCV is one of those sites that specializes in making resumes that appeal to the modern world. The old black and white resume is pretty much a thing of the past, and VisualCV makes it easy to create a dynamic, modern version without any financial investment required from the user.

It’s a great tool for anyone that wants to build a resume, but doesn’t necessarily wish to conform to the traditional standards of design. These pages look pretty slick, and do a great job of allowing you to customize them to fit your specific needs. Whether you’re a broadcaster or a chef, this is a site worth looking into.

Final Thoughts

Despite the ongoing battle cry that the resume is dead, resumes continue to be requested and expected from a great deal of employers out there. Everyone from temps to executives should have a resume ready in case a potential employer requests one. It never hurts to volunteer it if you’re the one seeking a job, and being able to host it for free means that the only investment required on your part is that of time.

How much time is your career worth to you? Do you know of any other alternatives to Emurse worth considering?

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