Pathfinder Bestiary Review

Today, we’re taking a look at the Pathfinder Bestiary. Pathfinder is what some have dubbed version 3.75 of D&D. When 4th edition came out, a lot of people were very disappointed. They made D&D seem more like an MMO and less like the tactical role-playing game it had been.

Pathfinder is the answer to that. Thanks to D&D 3.5 being open, the folks at Paizo were able to step in and modify the rules slightly, build a new world, and release it as Pathfinder. While the rules have been modified to some degree, the vast majority of them have remained pretty much the same. Picking up on the nuances of Pathfinder over D&D typically takes a single session for a seasoned player.

The Bestiary is a one stop shop for dungeon masters to get their monsters together for their campaigns. Basically, any creatures they want to add to their game can be found in the bestiary. Information included in the book covers everything from general stats to appearance and even a brief history lesson on how the creature originated to help the dungeon master build their story and make their games more realistic.

Upon opening the book, you will notice that just about every creature is represented in image. This allows the dungeon master to better visualize the encounter and, in some cases, actually show their players what they’re up against.

Just about any creature you would expect to be included is in this book. Everything from Ice Devils to Ochre Jellies is represented, and described in detail.

Thanks to the rules being so similar, the Pathfinder Bestiary can also be used in D&D 3.5 games with minimal required adjustments.

Overall, this is the single most complete monster resource I’ve come across to date, and a great addition to any dungeon master’s (or player’s) library.

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