Picnik Premium Photo Editing is Now Free

Picnik, the photo editor in the cloud, is now a free service to users, allowing them to edit their photos without the need of a pesky subscription fee. This was a heavily limited feature in the past, allowing only premium members to take advantage of their array of editing features that mimics a lot of the functionality found on iPhoto and other basic photo editing programs. This is no competitor to Photoshop, but it can help you jazz up your images currently sitting on Flickr, Picasa, MySpace, Photo Bucket, Facebook, and your computer.

It still offers a premium service that allows members to get advanced editing, early access to new features, use of a font catalogue, and ad-free use of the service. This is currently available at $24.95 per year, roughly the same price point as a Flickr pro account.

Source: Picnik Blog

Whether or not a premium account is worthwhile to you depends on your level of needs in a cloud-based photo editing program. Simple touch ups are available with almost any photo program currently on the market, though there is a clear benefit to using the cloud in situations where you may be on the road with a netbook or other underpowered system a locally installed program may struggle with. In any case, you can try out the edit features for free.

Source: Picnik Blog

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