Portal 2 Bookends Make Book Organization a Science

Portal 2 Bookends Make Book Organization a Science
Portal 2 Bookends are a playful but sturdy way to keep your book collection in line and displayed proudly in your home. [Image shared by Amazon]
Randomness may well be a scientific principle worth experimenting with, but not when it comes to books. You can’t have Harry Potter leaning against the latest Richard Dawkins or Neil DeGrasse Tyson book haphazardly!

You need a set of bookends in place to make sure all these books are standing up straight and easy to grab without the whole stack toppling over like a set of dominoes.

That’s why I recommend these Portal 2 Bookends. They ensure that your books are upright and ready for perusing with scientific precision. Sure, you might not have a portal gun at the ready to quickly and easily move these books from your desk back to the shelf, but you can at least display them in a way that looks like someone with some level of scientific know-how put them there with purpose!

Why Settle for the Substandard When You Can Have Portal 2 Bookends?

When life gives you substandard bookends, don’t accept them! Hand them back and demand bookends that further the cause of science! Demand bookends that have the look every aspiring Aperture Science employee can be proud of. You’re not some damn test subject waiting for your $60. You’re a creator, an innovator, and an architect of reality! Do yourself a favor and get the Portal 2 Bookends.

That said: These really are some cool-looking bookends. They’re made of aluminum and feature a rubber bottom to avoid slipping. Keeping books on a shelf is a real struggle when you have a library filled with heavy, and often oddly sized, technical materials. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the Portal 2 Bookends are a triumph!

Do you know a college student with a lot of textbooks? Yeah, they’re the perfect person to give these to. The Portal 2 Bookends are colorful, classy, and perfect for the geek and/or gamer in your life.

So, what do you think? Do you have what it takes to pass the tests given by Aperture Science?

Get your own Portal 2 Bookends at Amazon and keep your collection cutting edge!

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