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3 Tech Things You Can Spend Less On

In the search for a lower budget, people often search for ways to reduce little expenditures. Sometimes, the corners we cut may end up costing more down the line. Here is a list of typical tech expenses that can be reduced without coming around to hurt your pocketbook later on:

Multi-Format Card Readers Flash media and card readers are a dime a dozen. Unfortunately, some companies put a price tag on these that makes little to no actual sense. Why spend a premium on something that has no other purpose than reading the information on a card and delivering it via USB to your system? There are readers on the market that are available for a little as $10 USD that feature support for 74 different formats and include extra USB 2.0 ports for good measure.

Memory (RAM) The funny thing about the RAM market is how incredibly diverse the pricing structure is. Brand names such as Corsair, Crucial, and Kingston have a solid reputation and high price points, but that doesn’t really mean they’re made with any better performing chips than the lower priced PNY, Patriot, or OEM brands. Often, off-brand RAM actually contains the exact same components made by the same manufacturer (Elpida, Infineon, Micron, etc.) and the only real difference is the packaging. Even if the off-brand memory goes bad a little faster than the big name brand, you’re likely still saving a significant amount in the long run.

HDMI Cables If there is one market where people get absolutely ripped off and overcharged, it’s in multimedia cables.  HDMI cables are often overpriced and advertised with the average consumer’s lack of technical knowledge in mind. Digital signals are either on or off. There is no noticeable visual difference between a $200 cable and its $6 competition. All the gold plating and vacuum sealing in the world couldn’t magically improve the image coming out of a Blu-Ray player and in to a television sitting within feet of each other.

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