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A4tech KL-5 Mini Slim Compact Keyboard

About a year ago, I needed to find a keyboard that could fit in a small space next to another keyboard to work with my dual-computer setup. With limited desk space, the idea of having two full-size keyboards sitting side-by-side was pretty impossible to consider. Mini keyboards tend to be very difficult to work with, and their keys are almost never laid out in a way that works for me and my seemingly abnormally large hands. That’s when I discovered the A4 Tech KL-5 Mini Slim Compact Keyboard at my local Discount Electronics store.

At a price of between $9 and $15, the KL-5 certainly caters to the budget market. This made me wary at first, having had bad experiences with budget keyboards in the past. There are probably a dozen of them sitting in my closet that look brand new for various reasons including just being disappointing pieces of hardware.

The Enter key is large, and a full set of function keys (not typical with keyboards this size) are also available. I was also surprised to find that this keyboard works just as well on a Mac as it does on a PC. The Windows key is automatically detected and treated as the command key on a Mac. An indention on that key makes it remarkably easy to locate by touch and work with.

A set of hotkeys adorns the top of the keyboard including power, back, forward, email, search, home, and print. While I may not use these keys much myself, the power key is a great way to quickly power down your system with a single press of a button. You can set it to put the system into hibernate or sleep, as well. Did I mention the KL-5 doesn’t require any additional software?

Over all, the A4Tech KL-5 is probably the one keyboard I would recommend to anyone that needs a small budget solution to a crowded desktop. Having two of these side-by-side takes up just a bit more space than a full gaming keyboard with added function keys.

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