• Ryan M. Pierson

Belkin Keyboard Folio for iPad 2 First Impressions

For many iPad users, the tablet computer has proven useful enough to replace a laptop in many various situations. Unfortunately, the on-screen keyboard doesn’t provide that important tactile feedback that touch typists are often accustomed to.

Enter the Belkin Keyboard Folio for iPad 2. Combining a functional iPad stand with a tactile keyboard, the Keyboard Folio essentially turns the iPad 2 into a true laptop replacement. The keyboard connects via Bluetooth, freeing the user from needing any bulky cables.

Charged by USB, the keyboard has enough battery life for 60 hours of active use and over 20,000 hours of stand-by time. When it needs some power, all you need to do is plug it in to a laptop, desktop, or USB power adapter to give it a charge. At 60 hours of active use, Belkin’s Keyboard Folio has plenty of power to get you through the day (or several days) without needing any additional power.

The Belkin Keyboard Folio isn’t the thinnest or smallest iPad case/stand on the market. Made for functionality to serve both as a keyboard solution and an adjustable stand (whether you’re using the keyboard or not), the folio isn’t designed to be as sleek as some other solutions. In terms of sheer functionality, it would be hard to find a solution that offers as many different viewing angles and as capable a keyboard as the Keyboard Folio.


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