• Ryan M. Pierson

How to Decorate Your Office with Logitech’s Color Collection

Home offices can be very dull and boring places. While the idea of working from home may sound like paradise to some, the reality is it’s not unlike any other workspace. You spend your day at a desk looking at the same programs and software you would use anywhere else. This is where little accents can really come in handy. Decorating your home workspace to make you feel more comfortable (but not too comfortable) is essential to avoiding boredom, which counters productivity.

Perhaps you work at an office that allows you to bring your own gadgets and gizmos to work. The keyboard and mouse that’s been provided may be uncomfortable or old-fashioned. Some office settings allow you to bring only a limited amount of items from home to personalize your cubicle. Why shouldn’t these items be the ones you spend most of your time interacting with at work? Your keyboard, mouse, and webcam don’t have to be boring to look at.

While decorative peripherals certainly don’t make a giant difference in the amount of work you need to get done at home, they can certainly help add a certain amount of personality to help make your time at work less boring.

The designs themselves vary from region to region, and provide users with a broad range of possibilities. The added color livens up what could be a boring traditional black and silver look that matches most office and home office environments. The designs are predominantly neutral, giving users flexibility to coordinate a look entirely original to the workspace.


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