• Ryan M. Pierson

How to Save Money By Buying an Apple iPad Accessory

What I’m about to tell you amazed me when I first discovered this amazing feature. Would you believe me if I told you that Apple has an official accessory for one of their devices that actually saves you money and reduces your need to buy more accessories?

The iPad Camera Kit is intended to allow you to connect your camera and/or SD card to your iPad as an easy and quick way to transfer photos. With iPad’s exemplary line of apps centered around photo editing and pushing to photo sharing sites, it stands as a perfect companion to any photographer on the road with limited space for equipment. There is no question that this kit was considered one of the most sought-after accessories right after the iPad was announced.

What Apple doesn’t tell you is that the USB camera connector also works great with a variety of USB keyboards. If you’re using one with built-in audio controls (Apple keyboards especially), even these features work well while using the iPod application. This is a startling find considering Apple is also selling a $69 iPad keyboard dock that gives you pretty much the same result while requiring you to stick with the more pricey Apple branded peripherals.

You can also connect audio devices such as USB headphones, speakers, and microphones. Many of the smaller budget speakers on the market today are exclusively USB devices, giving the listener a cleaner sound than traditional analog audio (this is more apparent if you’re an audiophile, most people hardly notice a difference). In a sense, you could bypass spending upwards of $100 on an iPad speaker dock by simply plugging in your own set.

This means a simple $29 accessory saves you from having to throw down big bucks for their $69 keyboard dock, special proprietary audio devices, Bluetooth accessories, and more. This makes the iPad Camera Kit the most, and perhaps the only, Frugal Geek friendly Apple accessory currently on the market.

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