• Ryan M. Pierson

How to Save Money on an iPhone

There are a million sites out there that claim to be able to save you money on a new iPhone. Frankly, most of them are completely useless and are nothing more than clever marketing ploys to get you to sign up for something that itself would never interest even the most gullible user. So, does this mean that everyone getting an iPhone needs to pay $200 (or more for an unlocked model) for it? Absolutely not.

The secret to getting technology for less isn’t in signing up for sweepstakes or sharing an email with ten of your closest friends. Sure, you can win tech through these things, but there are sure ways of saving big money on the tech you love. The fact is, there actually are official ways to save money on an iPhone that are much easier than some of the hoops you might have to jump through, otherwise.

If you don’t have to have the latest and greatest iPhone, you can typically get the last generation for much less than the original price. In fact, right now you can pick up a brand new iPhone 3GS for $49 US through AT&T. You do have to sign up for a two-year contract, but that’s a $150 savings over the iPhone 4, and the benefits of the upgrade are noticeable but not so extreme that you have to upgrade for the phone to be useable. If you’re willing to go refurbished, you can pick one up for $19.

Let’s expand on refurbished iPhones for a moment. When you pick up a refurbished iPhone, you get a new screen and case. This means you don’t have to worry about scuffs and scratches ruining the “newness” of the device. Refurbished iPhones are given the same warranty and after-purchase support as new models, and you’re likely to be just as satisfied. If you want an iPhone 4, you can pick up a refurbished model from the carrier (AT&T or Verizon) for $99 US instead of the normal $200 purchase price. Picking up a new-to-you iPhone 4 with a brand new warranty and body at half the price is a bargain, no matter how stuck you are on the novelty of it being “brand new.” Honestly, when is the last time you’ve noticed that the motherboard inside your phone looks “used?”

The bottom line: a cheaper iPhone can be found very easily without having to sign up for ten sweepstakes or taking countless surveys only to be entered in a raffle to win the opportunity of getting an iPhone. If you really want to know a secret, those phones are probably refurbished, anyway.


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