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How to View PowerPoint on iPad

The iPad seems like a perfect fit for small-audience presentations where a projector or larger display is impractical. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a solid solution for viewing robust and full PowerPoint presentations on the iPad without sacrificing some functionality.

Enter SlideShark, an iPad app that promises to give the user the ability to view PowerPoint presentations in their complete form professionally and reliably.

SlideShark uses a cloud-based service created by Brainshark that converts uploaded slideshows into a format that’s optimized for the iPad. From there, you can download an offline version of the optimized file directly to your iPad using SlideShark and present it to an audience both small and large on the iPad’s screen or an external projector. SlideShark even supports connectivity to televisions on the iPad 2 using the VGA adapter.

SlideShark has some limitations. For example, hyperlinks aren’t supported at this time. Embedded videos, slide transitions, triggers, some third-party functions, and animated GIFs are also not supported.

SlideShark supports PPT and PPTX files, normal animations, fonts, graphics, and colors. Because SlideShark uses offline files, you don’t have to be connected to the Web to give a presentation.

Over all, SlideShark is a great solution for anyone who wants to give a presentation in a close or conference room setting directly from their iPad. By freeing you from the requirement of a laptop, you’re able to give presentations virtually anywhere you may be. SlideShark is free and available through the iTunes App Store. You will need to register for a Brainshark account (also free for up to 25 MB of storage) to get started.

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