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How to Win a 32 GB iPad 2 from Vonage Time to Call

Vonage is introducing a new app to the iOS platform especially for iPhone and iPad mobile devices that is intended to make it easier (and cheaper) to place calls internationally in a way that’s billed directly to your iTunes account. The Time to Call app is available for free on iTunes, and it allows you to make international calls to over 190 countries around the world for up to 15 minutes at a rate of between $1.99 and $2.99 per call. This app, available now on iTunes, can be downloaded for free and comes with a free call to one of 100 countries for up to 15 minutes.

Because most mobile phone plans don’t include international calling, any calls made to areas outside the US and Canada typically cost an arm and a leg to make. Avoiding these high charges from your phone company can save you an arm and a leg over the exorbitant amounts typically tacked on to a bill. While it might make more financial sense to go with an international calling plan, not everyone needs to make these calls enough to justify the extra monthly costs. So, this is where an app like Vonage Time to Call comes in.

Once you launch the app, you are asked which country you would like to call. When you’ve made your selection, you are given a price and an option to buy the call as if it were any other in-app purchase. After hitting the buy button, a dial-pad is displayed and you can dial the number to call as if you were calling any other number on your iPhone.

An Android version of this app is in development, and is expected to be available soon.

During the month of August to early September, Vonage is giving away a 32 GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 along with US$15 to readers of each one of many participating technology-minded blogs, including LockerGnome. Listed below are links to some of the blogs taking part in the giveaway, and more will follow. Each blog has its own entry requirements, so please check them out to find out how you can participate. You’re also not limited to applying for a single giveaway, as you are able to enter every one of them.

More information about LockerGnome’s giveaway will be available here soon, so check back often for more details.

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