• Ryan M. Pierson

Make Music on Your iPad with the TableTop Modular Audio Environment

Imagine being able to put 15 (and potentially more) unique audio devices, each capable of enabling the user to create music, in a single app available for the iPad. This is where TableTop by Retronyms comes in. With 15 modular devices and over 300 multisample instruments, loops, and phrases, TableTop gives the user the ability to create unique and powerful music without having to plug in a single instrument.

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You have the ability to combine these devices and create a virtual studio geared to make your music making experience as custom as possible. If you’re just starting out, the app comes with a multitude of pre-designed environments that include devices that work with each other to turn your ideas into music.

TableTop is about mixing and sampling. Where many apps concentrate on making your physical guitar or other instrument sound better, TableTop doesn’t require you to own anything other than an iPad. Making electronic music is also pretty easy with TableTop, as many of the included sounds and samples make this style of music very easy to create.

With TableTop, you can create samples from your existing music collection by playing it back through the Spinback turntable player (and do a little fancy finger work) and record samples of it using the Recorder M2. The Spinback turntable is capable of doing pretty much everything a physical one can. Moving the needle, reversing playback, and even manipulating the mechanism during playback is all fluid and simple. These samples can be used as you mix and make beats using other devices included with the program.

Unfortunately, not all of the effects available come with the initial cost. Many of the pre-made setups include pieces that require an additional investment to enjoy. Of the 15 virtual devices currently available on the app, nine of them are unlocked with your initial purchase price. These initial devices include:

  1. Gridlok: Touchpad Sampler

  2. M8RX: Tone Matrix

  3. RS3: Polyphonic Stereo Keyboard

  4. Mr. O: Master Output

  5. Goblin MX8: 8-Channel Mixer

  6. Spinback: Turntable Player

  7. Recorder M2: All-Purpose Input Recorder

  8. Filtr LP: Low-Pass Filter Effect

  9. T101 – Triggerator: Sequence and Perform

Additional effects are currently $0.99 as part of a launch promotion with more being added as development continues. According to Retronyms, third-party developers can also create plug-in effects to further extend the functionality of TableTop.

Over all, TableTop is a promising program with all the functionality and appeal anyone needs to start making studio-quality music. While it is certainly geared towards experienced users, the entry-level price and simplicity of the program makes it a capable learning tool for music lovers who would like to take a shot at making their own tracks.

How would you use TableTop? Leave a creative comment below and you could receive one of three coupon codes we’re giving away so you can install TableTop on your iPad absolutely free.


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