• Ryan M. Pierson

Professional Podcasting: Should You Release Audio and Video Versions?

Some podcasters struggle with deciding whether or not an audio version of their video podcast would be worth the time and effort needed to send it out. For many podcasters just starting out, this decision can have long-term implications on how your audience receives your content. If someone subscribes to your audio feed and it’s determined later that this is no longer worth the hassle, they may not transfer their subscription over to your video channel. So, how do you decide? Should you release audio and video versions of your podcast?

There are some cases where an audio version of your video show simply won’t work. If you tend to rely on visual aids to help make a point, or at any time in your show use visual examples, the audience may be frustrated at being left out of the point being made during that segment. In cases where they get your audio version first, this could put them off resulting in a lost subscription. You’ll want to make sure what people hear is just as full and rich with interesting content as what they see. In many cases, this could mean positioning and writing your episodes as if they were purely audio presentations. For your audio subscribers, this is an essential component of your episode quality.

Advertisers may like or dislike the different versions, depending on what kind of advertising they prefer to have on your show. A good audio ad can sell across both platforms as long as the accompanying video is interesting enough to keep the visual audience immersed in the programming. You could spend the extra time editing and have separate advertising packages for each version. An advertiser that appreciates audio advertising due to its lower cost and imaginative implications might be tempted to sponsor your audio episodes alone. On the other side, some advertisers are exclusively interested in video content. Before you commit to splitting your audience between two different platforms, make sure you have a solid plan for monetizing these podcasts either jointly, separately, or both.

Some services can help you release your podcast in both formats without any added uploading or editing on your part. Blip.TV is one of them, giving you the option to send your content through multiple channels including podcast form. In addition, Blip.TV shares ad revenue with you for content embedded through its players or viewed on its flagship site.

So, should you release two versions of the same podcast? Comments welcome.


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