• Ryan M. Pierson

Remember a Great Meal with Notable Meals for iPhone and Evernote

Evernote has empowered users to take notes on multiple platforms that sync in real-time for years. The power of Evernote has long been rooted in its ability to take something as simple as notes and turn it into something much more valuable as it connects your notes with various projects, subjects, and platforms to enable you to keep an active dialogue as you work, regardless of what platform you may have handy at the time. Recently, Evernote held a developer competition that challenged developers to come up with the most interesting and creative uses of the Evernote platform. One of these projects is Notable Meals, a simple app designed to give you a quick and easy way to note a particular experience surrounding a meal. Whether it’s a particularly good flavor, or notable service, this app is one way to quickly jot down and store details about an experience that you’ve had when enjoying a meal at a particular venue.

As Notable Meals creator John McLaughlin points out, some of the most memorable moments in our lives happen around meals. Notable Meals helps you remember those special moments by providing a simple and attractive solution for keeping track of the things that make each meal great. You can easily describe and rate the meal, include photos, and choose a theme before storing your memorable meal in Evernote. Here LockerGnome’s Jake Ludington talks with John about being selected as one of six finalists for the Evernote Developer Competition.

By logging in to your already-existing Evernote account, your information is stored on the same platform trusted by so many others to keep otherwise scattered bits of data safe. Now, if you have a great experience with a particular dish or location, you can quickly reference that place on Notable Meals and remember, “that thing you had last time you were there that was so good.”


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