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The Robo Stir is Great in Theory, Lousy in Practice

Several months ago, I decided to grab a Robo Stir while visiting the local Fry’s in search of RAM. The display itself wasn’t overwhelming, but I liked the idea of having a simple robot handle the stirring for me while I concentrated on chopping vegetables and other cooking tasks. Unfortunately, while the Robo Stir is great in theory, it turned out lousy in practice.

To start, the Robo Stir has three speeds that can be cycled using a single large button on the top of the device. This is a practical approach that doesn’t create any undue exposure of sensitive electronics to moisture. After all, the Robo Stir is intended to work under water if it needs to. The rubber feet are shaped in a way that allows them to scrape any stuck-on food from the bottom of the pan during stirring, reducing the occurrence of burning or settling. To this point, the gadget does exactly what you’d expect it to do.

Robo Stir is built to work on a flat surface. If you have an old fashioned stove with coiled elements, or your stove is perfectly level, the Robo Stir will keep rotating in a small space at the lower-most corner of the pan or pot. In addition, vibrations caused by the Robo Stir make an awful racket in some situations, and can even cause splashing as the device sputters around the surface. This is especially true in situations where the material you’re stirring is shallow.

The Robo Stir does work in many situations, and could indeed be a remarkable help around the kitchen. Unfortunately, the manufacturers don’t point out specifics like the need for your pot or pan to be absolutely level in order for it to work. Again, the Robo Stir is a great invention in theory, but it just isn’t meant for everyone. If you have a modern stove with a perfectly flat cooking surface, and pots that don’t have a large amount of curvature, the Robo Stir could very well be a perfect addition to your cooking arsenal.

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