Review of Lockergnome

Lockergnome is a collection of tech experts and enthusiasts’ blogs organized by tech and geek celebrity Chris Pirillo. Chris got the name Lockergnome from his high school nickname and has been running the site for at least a decade.

I’ve had a blog on Lockergnome called The Frugal Geek for some time, and have been a happy contributor as such. The appeal of this blogging platform is the idea that you can profit from your expertise and experience through Google Adsense and Kontera Publishing without having to go through all the trouble of setting up the site and platform yourself. In addition to easy setup, the active community drives traffic to your work and your site, making it easier for you to find readers and earn extra cash doing so.

Recently, the site has undergone a few changes making it easier on the eyes, and more intuitive for the casual reader to browse and enjoy. These changes include a new look designed specifically with the site in mind.

I’ve been very happy with my time at Lockergnome, and thankfully they have for the first time in quite some time opened the platform up for anyone with a good idea to sign up and join in the fun.


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