How to View Skype Conversation History

How to View Skype Conversation HistorySo you’re a Skype user and someone said something a few days ago in an IM or in a voicemail on the service and you need to find it? Believe it or not, finding these old records in Skype is actually quite easy, as long as you’re at the same computer on which you received the original message.

Skype is quickly becoming a favorite communication tool for users that don’t want to depend on their phone’s limited minutes for everything. Using services such as Skype Out and Skype In, you can actually replace a business line with Skype, making it easier to conduct business whenever and wherever you may be at the time the call comes in. Skype is installed on my Galaxy Nexus, PC, MacBook, and even my iPad. It’s the one universal communications solution I’ve come to rely on to make and receive calls on the road.

So how do you make extra use of this service by archiving and looking up past conversations? Here are some tips:

How to Find Old Conversations and Chat Logs in the Desktop App

Skype on the desktop for both OS X and Windows is pretty straightforward. You can access chat and call logs fairly easily, and much of this information is stored for 30+ days since the release of Skype 5.0 some time ago.

There are two ways to bring up these logs. You can opt to go through your contacts list or recent history for conversations and/or interactions with folks based on when the conversation occurred rather than who it was with.

  • Sign in to Skype.
  • Click the Contacts icon/tab located right under the Call Phones option on the main screen.
  • Left-click the contact from which you wish to view history and select a time period from the list above the text field.
  • You can select and view messages/calls from yesterday, this week, this month, or for the past three months.

Alternatively, you can go through the recent list and see conversations as they took place by date.

Skype Mobile

Skype for iOS and Android works pretty much the same way as the desktop version. Just click the Recent icon from the app’s home screen and select the contact from which you wish to view previous conversations. You can also initiate an IM with your contact and see a list of previous messages with that person.


Unfortunately, these logs aren’t kept on a cloud server, so you won’t be able to see conversations that took place on another device. According to Skype, you can’t copy that information over to another computer, either. This is a big drawback for folks who have a scattered Skype usage pattern consisting of multiple devices and platforms.

Mark for Future Reading

If you have an IM or conversation that you know you’ll want to reference later, you can right-click it in the Recent menu and select Mark as Unread to make it easily accessible in the future. You can also favorite a contact on the mobile app by hitting the star icon in the upper-right corner of their profile screen.

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