Sophie’s World a Geek’s Guide to Philosophy

Once in a while a book comes along that you just can’t put down. These stories captivate and intrigue you as they force you to ponder the puzzles within. This is just such a story, as Jostein Gaarder takes you through a true history of philosophy. This book is what is better described as a sudo-fiction in that the true meat of the content lies in real history of philosophers and the art of philosophy itself while providing a story that brings those lessons to the test.

Imagine a book in which the characters discover the very state that they are in. What do self-realized characters do in response to the news, how do they communicate with their writer, and just how could they manage to resist their writer’s will? This is an interesting puzzle that develops further with each lesson the characters take you through. From Plato to Darwin and all points in-between, this story covers the history of philosophy including some of the most controversial ideas in human history and some of the simplest and most accepted of philosophical understandings.

The brilliance of this particular piece is that it doesn’t feel at all like a lesson in philosophy. Even when the characters spend entire chapters telling readers the history of life, love, and the universe, the story keeps you intrigued and immersed in the unfolding plot. In the end, you’re left with more knowledge and understanding than one might expect from even the most well-researched college-level text book.

Overall, I give Sophie’s World two thumbs up for unique storytelling and educational resource. If you aren’t interested in doing any actual page turning, Audible has this book in stock.

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