Storm Pulse Hurricane Tracking Covers it All

During a busy hurricane season, it can become very confusing when watching projected paths from one media outlet to the next. There are several path projection routes out there, nearly a dozen major ones. Each possible route had our most recent storm, Hurricane Ike, heading in nearly every direction possible.

So where do you go to compare these predictions to see where most of the projected paths really are pointing? Storm Pulse has the answer. Storm Pulse is dedicated to giving you accurate information about wind speeds, storm impact, and percentage chances that your city might be effected.

The features of this site include:

  • Radar
  • Historical Track
  • Forecast Models
  • Wind Probabilities
  • Cloud Cover
  • Wind Fields
  • Ocean Buoy Reports
  • Search Field to Find a Storm in History
  • Updated Information from the National Hurricane Center
  • More

This site seems to have it all when it comes to finding out just what to expect from that upcoming storm. I’m putting this one on my bookmarks, and recommend anyone in the coastal US do so as well.

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