Strange MacBook Pro Hinge Clicking Issue

LockerGnome reader RandomRazr emailed in about a clicking sound coming from his brand new MacBook Pro that occurs when the lid is opened or closed. He asked, “When I open the macbook pro past 90 degrees or when it’s opened all the way, it makes a clicking sound. The hinge isn’t loose and the screen works. I am concerned that the issue might become more worse as time goes on. Unfortunately, the closest apple store is in Toronto Canada, which is 3 and a half hour drive from where I am.” He also submitted a video (below) to better describe the issue he’s having.

Well RandomRazr, thank you for sending this in. After doing a little research, this appears to be a common issue with unibody MacBook Pros.

The hinge area is a tiny space that contains a pathway for cables to run through that connect to the screen and logo light. These cables are under a certain amount of tension and the hinge essentially rotates around them as the notebook is opened and closed. In this case, it’s possible they might be a little too tight. This may cause them to stick and pop back in to place as the lid is opened and closed.

Another possible cause may be found in the screws holding on the hinge components in place. While the lid itself may not appear loose, a single screw with a little give to it can make a clicking sound when rubbed against, or if there is a shift in the area it holds together.

It’s impossible to actually see what is causing this particular issue, and it could be something entirely different than the two possible causes mentioned in this article. The best first step is to try calling Apple at 1-800-MY-APPLE and report the issue. They may also offer to send you a box in the mail to ship your MacBook to them for warranty service. If you prefer to go to a physical service center for repair, you may be in luck going through an authorized service center rather than driving all the way to the nearest Apple Store. The best way to locate the closest Apple Authorized Service Service Provider is through the store locator located on the Apple Canada site. This may save you a long trip to the Apple Store for warranty repair or replacement.

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