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We’ve all experienced moments where we just don’t have the energy to enjoy the things we do. Whether you’re in the middle of an extended gaming session, fighting your way through a midterm exam, or just surfing the web, there’s no denying the impact low energy can have on your productivity and enjoyment. This is a key reason for the existence of so many energy-boosting products out on the market today. Some stores are dedicated purely to carrying a wide blend of beverages, pills, candies, and even sprays that claim to boost your energy levels while keeping you focused on the task at hand. Sadly, not all of these products are created equal and it’s up to the consumer to discover which one works best for them.

On various blogs and sites I’ve reviewed several offerings that are intended to do just that, and today I’ve found one that surprised me a great deal in its simplicity, price point, and effectiveness. This product is called Foosh® Energy Mints. I received my first batch of these little white mints in the mail on Saturday just before a costume party. This proved to be the perfect test as once the party was over, I was utterly exhausted and more than ready to head straight to bed. I decided to take this opportunity to enjoy Foosh®. To my surprise, I was alert and awake within minutes of popping it in my mouth. I managed to stay up for six solid hours after that doing productive work that required focus and mental energy. I’d like to think that I’m used to high caffeine levels, so the boost I received from this one mint left me surprised.

The first thing you notice when you taste one of these mints is the natural peppermint extract with which they are generously flavored. The peppermint is about as strong as an Altoid and lasts about as long. If fresh breath is what you’re after, then you’ll certainly find this mint to be quite effective at delivering on that promise. Unlike most energy products, the flavors commonly added by the caffeine, ginseng, taurine, and vitamin content are not very noticeable. Most energy mints and gum seem too haunted by the all-too-familiar aftertaste to be enjoyable. The one downside is the lack of flavor options for this product, so if you are not a fan of peppermint, you may consider this disappointing. I’m giving these mints 4 out of 5 points for taste and quality.

For many folks on a budget, the cost of energy products can have as much impact on the overall experience as anything else. Vroom Foods has provided several charts to compare the cost of their mint against other energy boost offerings on the market. For example, a typical energy drink can run between $1.50 and $2.50 with some few exceptions even higher than that. Foosh boasts having more energy per serving than the majority of energy drinks at around $0.25 per serving. This certainly makes sense when you consider your monthly budget. After doing a fair share of research on pricing in the energy category, finding a cheaper alternative with comparable amounts of active ingredients is proving difficult if not impossible. I’m going to have to give Foosh 5 out of 5 points for value.

The heart of any good energy product is exactly how much of a boost it really gives. Foosh is compared by Vroom Foods to others by the levels of caffeine present in each serving. This may not be a very accurate way of rating the effectiveness of the mint in comparison to other products, but the differences are worth recognition. For example, one Foosh Energy Mint has the same caffeine level as 1.25 energy drinks, 2 cups of tea, 3 cans of soda, or 14 standard caffeinated mints. Their biggest and most advertised comparison is that one mint is equal to having one cup of coffee in terms of caffeine level. The boost I received from a Foosh Energy Mint seemed to be greater than what I have come to expect from a can of Red Bull or a bottle of Bawls. Still, caffeine is not the only stimulant out on the market and I’ve experienced some very positive results that I would say are about equal to the boost Foosh gave me using non-caffeine alternatives. Though B vitamins, taurine, and ginseng are included in the active ingredients for Foosh, the comparisons are all based on caffeine levels alone. I’m rating Foosh in relation to all energy boosting products on the market since that is how it is advertised. I’m giving this product 3 out of 5 points for energy boost.

Overall, Foosh delivers on its promise with a pleasant taste, great price point, and competitive energy boost. These little mints have won me over and will be part of my regular purchases should I be feeling a little low on energy. I would recommend that the folks over at Vroom Foods develop versions of Foosh in spearmint, citrus, cherry, or other flavors to appeal to more consumers. I think if they appeal to a wider range of palates, they may well compete with the likes of Red Bull, Bawls, Jolt, Penguin, and other fine highly caffeinated products on the market today. I’m going to give this delicious little mint an overall score of 4 out of 5 points.

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