The Frugal Geek’s Alternative to Productive Software

Below are three topics that I’ve covered in the past, each with a link to the older post at the section title and current links to the free versions of the software below the descriptive paragraph. These are some amazing programs that get the job done and carry the best price tag there is, zero.

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office has long been the standard for general purpose productive documents including spreadsheets, database management, written documentation, and presentations. There are, however, some wonderful alternatives for the geek on a budget. As we have discuss previously, open source office applications are available for a variety of tastes and needs to anyone looking to create stunning documents without leaving a stunning mark on your wallet.

Operating System
This may be the biggest impact on anyone’s productive experience, the operating system. Microsoft Office has long been the standard for anyone looking to be productive on a PC. Unless you are in a mac environment, the costs for adding the latest version of Windows to both your wallet and your machine’s performance has been a great consideration if not a pain to anyone just looking to keep up with the world as a whole. Fortunately, there are Linux distros available free of charge that have recently stepped up and become extremely user friendly.

Just about everyone that owns a PC knows the value of a good anti-virus program. There are so many programs out there at such a varying price point, it is sometimes very difficult to determine which programs offers the most value for your dollar. Every program out there will tell you it is a superior technology with leading-edge anti-virus capabilities. These buzz words mean nothing when it comes down to actual testing and benchmarking. Let me begin by stating that NO program is 100% accurate. Anti-virus systems are designed as a second level of protection behind the user’s own habits and practices. The best anti-virus out there is yourself. Everything else is backup.
AVG Free

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