The Gibson Robot Second Gen Announced

If you thought Rock Band and Guitar Hero were the pentacle of geekness in the music world, you were wrong. Gibson has gone high tech and released two new versions of its record breaking Robot guitar.

With a Robot Les Paul and a Robot SG hitting the market soon, the idea behind a self-tuning guitar seems to be paying off for Gibson in a big way. One of the most frustrating things about playing a guitar is keeping the thing in tune, especially when you’re playing a set in front of an audience. Gibson has taken the effort out of this by introducing a technology that literally turns their guitars into robots.

Here’s how it does what it does. The Gibson Robot has a push-pull master control knob which can be pulled out and turned to highlight a given key. Once you select the desired key, the knob goes in and your job is simply to strum the guitar as robotic knobs set the strings to the perfect pitch. There are sensors which pick up the vibrations of each of the strings in order to accurately detect the strings current tone.

This is a pretty interesting technology, and worth checking out… if you have a lot money bank that is. The Les Paul version goes for $3,999 dollars US while the SG rings in at a slightly less costly $3,599.

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