The Ongoing Situation and Japan and Its Affect on Electronics Prices

There is nothing more important surrounding the situation in Japan than the lives and welfare of those affected by it. The earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant explosions have created a terrible and unprecedented danger for anyone in the wake of this disaster. The impact this will have on electronics and the economy moving forward only adds to the list of terrible side-effects of this situation.

Bloomberg reported that rechargeable batteries, LCD panels, and chip-wafers may become scarce and see price increases due to plants located in Japan shutting down due to unstable power even in regions of Japan otherwise unaffected. Reuters reported that a Toshiba LCD plant announced that it will be shut down for an entire month as they assess damage and repair sensitive equipment knocked out of alignment by the intense earthquake last Friday.

While it may appear selfish to worry about consumer electronics, many of these plants also build equipment vital to medial and scientific fields which are an essential part of healthcare worldwide. In addition, the global economic impact has yet to be assessed, but predictions thus far are less than positive.

Reuters – Toshiba LCD plant out, Lenovo frets about supplies
Bloomberg – Japan’s Quake May Hurt Battery, Chip-Wafer, LCD-Panel Markets
Engadget – Japanese quake will likely affect the global supply of gadgets

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