The Sobakawa Cloud Pillow Works (Sort Of)

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably gone through more than your fair share of pillows over the years. It seems the ultra firm pillows eventually flatten out and become mushy, literal pains in the neck before too long. The softer pillows work great — if your head weighs less than a tennis ball. I’ve had triumphs and¬†disappointments, but more recently I decided to give the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow a shot.

First, let me just say that I have a strange relationship with products marketed “As Seen on TV.” These products seem like they can do everything and anything to improve your life, especially at three in the morning. While I’m not a big impulse shopper, I found a significantly large display of these at the local Bed Bath & Beyond while searching for a “real” feather pillow. The box made it look really big and fluffy — the kind of pillow that would support you even when you turn in your sleep. No doubt, this looked like something that might be worth a shot; after all, the lady on the box seemed to be getting fairly decent sleep while floating in the sky at high noon. It had to be good, right?

Let’s get the obvious out of the way here. The picture of the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow being used on the big, bulky box is a marketing ploy. The actual pillow isn’t very large at all. It actually has just enough room for my head to sit in the middle between two slivers of cushion. My other pillows, all pretty standard in size, appear to have more than double the volume of the Sobakawa. Still, I shrugged and put the included cover on.

Speaking of that included cover, the box labels it as a bonus feature. When you read the small print, the Sobakawa has to be used with that particular pillow case at all times, so it isn’t much of a bonus at all. Still, the pillowcase itself is somewhat comfortable, though I could do without the zipper. Yes, a zipper that doesn’t run along the side, but across the top back where my hand usually rests.

When it came time to lay down and put the pillow to the test, I was surprised by how comfortable it was. Laying on my back, which isn’t my normal sleeping position, the pillow itself felt as if it was made for my head. Turning to the side, which the box says it works great for, I noticed that it felt a little less impressive, and its relatively small stature came into play once again. Without putting my arm under the pillow, my neck had to bend significantly to bring my head down to the level of the Sobakawa.

The box itself says that the Sobakawa is relaxing, contoured, and cooling. While I will readily admit how surprisingly relaxing it really is, the contour shape and size appears to be intended for someone with a smaller head than I have. A single turn left me without head support in the night — a problem I don’t have with normal pillows. As for cooling, the Sobakawa isn’t as warm as you’d think it would be. My advice would be to cover the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow with an additional pillow cover with a higher thread count and no zipper, and keep a regular pillow handy if you’re a side sleeper. For some, this could be the miracle sleep support you’ve been looking for, but it just wasn’t the case with me.

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