Things to Do with Your Old iPad When iPad 2 Arrives

The iPad 2 is rumored to be announced on March 2nd and many avid Apple fans are already checking their savings accounts in preparation for the new device. I thought I might put together a list of ways to repurpose your old iPad instead of putting it away in the closet.

Digital Photo Frame
Thanks to apps like Hulu Plus and Netflix, many are already using their iPads for media consumption, however one easily overlooked feature is the built-in ability of the iPad to work as a digital photo frame. Since you probably wouldn’t carry two iPads around with you everywhere you go, setting the old one up at home or work on outlet power and configuring it as a photo frame should be a breeze.

Family Message Center
Leaving messages for family members is often done on a notepad attached to the refrigerator, by the front door, and even stickied to computer monitors. You can free yourself from a mountain of paperwork by setting the old iPad up somewhere in the house as a message center. You can make it really easy to leave a message by moving Notepad, a voice memo app, and a sketch book app to the dock.

Recipe Appliance
We generally don’t bring the iPad in to the kitchen during food preparation in fear that something might get inadvertently slung on the device that would require extensive cleaning before we can take it to another room. This fear is greatly diminished with the iPad set up in a nice protective case that can be easily cleaned. Sadly, these super  protective cases are rarely the ones that you want to carry around with you all day. They can be bulky and cumbersome. Having a new iPad frees up your old one for this important and productive role.

24/7 Live Stream Viewer
I love watching live streams on the web. Chris Pirillo, TWiT, and other shows offer live streams that have a tendency to take up valuable screen real-estate. Stopping the live stream every time I check email on the iPad is annoying, but not so much with a dedicated device. The same repurposing can be used with Netflix and Hulu Plus in mind. Sometimes, you just want to have media playing on the side of your primary desktop rather than being a part of it.

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