Triple A Gives Axis and Allies New Life (Open Source)

When you hear the term “Triple A” you are often reminded of the friendly folks that come to your rescue when you’re stranded on the side of the road. In this case, Triple A refers to an open source Axis and Allies clone available for free download on SourceForge.

When you consider gaming on an open source platform, you may be under the impression that the game has to have horrible graphics, mostly-text interface, and simple open and close windows. This is, thankfully, not the case with Triple A. Granted, you won’t see 3d environments or realistic sounds, but you will find an intuitive and easily understood interface that holds true to the rules of the board game.

In addition to the classic version of Axis and Allies, custom maps and setups are also available for you to enjoy including extra countries, allies, and axis organizations. This is in addition to network and internet enabled play.

The downsides include a slightly buggy multi-player experience, causing a need for occasional saving during gameplay to avoid any loss. This problem presented itself in two out of six multi-player games I tested. Thankfully, because it is an open source project, most bugs are usually solved after a reasonable period of time.

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