Tweetgrid Adds Realtime Scrolling Search to Twitter

Tweetgrid looked just like a browser-based version of Tweetdeck when I first looked at it. To my surprise, I saw instant updates taking place, turning Twitter in to more of a chat room than a micro blog. This is just where it begins. You can enter multiple search terms at the same time and start the instant update scrolls to keep up with the chit-chat going on through Twitter about your favorite topics of choice. This was very impressive at first glance and more so when I started to implement and utilize the new tool.

You can’t tweet to your account through this site as there is no sign-up or login page. It’s just a grid of search streams you have the ability to start and stop. It’s a one trick pony from what I can tell at this point, though it certainly does has a very impressive trick.

Keep an eye on this tool as I’m sure it will certainly earn some press among the tech journalists out there.

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