Twitter App for OS X

Twitter has released an official app on the Mac App Store that gives users a lot of the same functionality several paid apps have been boasting for some time. The benefit here is that it comes absolutely free.

First, installation is a simple process that starts with opening the App Store and typing Twitter in the search bar on the upper right. What you’ll see is a list of apps that take advantage of Twitter’s service. Some of them are free and others can be quite costly. The one that we’re taking a look at today will likely come up at the first result from your search, “Twitter.”

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When the app page loads, it’s usually a good idea to take a look at any program’s reviews to see if there is a lingering problem with the current version. At the time of this recording, the only thing that seems to bother people is Twitter’s decision to change the app icon with each new release. To install, click the green button labeled, “Install” in the upper left area of the window.

Launching the app and setting up multiple accounts is easy. The main menu is located at the bottom of the application window. Once you click preferences, you can add multiple accounts and even determine how you would like to be notified of various events such as new tweets, direct messages, and mentions.

The Twitter App for OS X is a solid release that has much of the same functionality you would find in a paid program. Though it may not have everything a power user might be looking for such as ability to post to multiple accounts with a single tweet, it seems like a solid candidate for the majority of Twitter’s users.

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