Twitter Turns 5, Serves 1 Billion Tweets Per Week

Twitter is quickly joining the ranks of Kleenex, Xerox, and Google by becoming not only a brand name, but a verb used in daily life. Twitter celebrates its fifth anniversary this week and co-founder Jack Dorsey has been releasing tidbits of information about the popular service.

According to the official Twitter blog, after having taken three years, two months, and one day to reach their billionth tweet, that feat now takes roughly one week. In the past year alone the average number of tweets per day soared from 50 million last year to a substantially increased to a 140 million daily average last month. On March 11, 2011, over 177 million tweets were sent. If these numbers are absolutely accurate, predictions of Twitter’s downfall to Facebook made a year ago are certainly proving incorrect.

Jack Dorsey is continuing to release bits of information in 140 characters or less on his Twitter page. Among them is a link to Twitter’s first logo, an original sketch concept of then “Twttr”, and some inside information about how they handled server issues in the first days. In short, he’s giving anyone fascinated by the story behind one of the biggest underdog tech stories of all time a 5th birthday present.

Source: Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Page

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  • Everytime I run it the Market starts to load and then tell me I need to be logged on. I can do everything else (gmail, latitude, etc.), rolled back to former Market, works fine.

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