Two Newspapers to Begin Selling Android Tablets at a Discount

The digital age is here, and newspapers (along with other forms of print media) are beginning to feel the pressure brought on by online publications. Several have already folded after failing to adapt to this new trend and make their content available online. Paywalls are one solution many publications are using to keep their per-copy profits clear without losing their online audience entirely. Two newspapers in Philadelphia have taken an entirely different approach by going in to the business of selling tablet computers.
The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News, both under the ownership umbrella of the Philadelphia Media Network, are taking a big step toward embracing digital platforms by making them more easily accessible by their readers. With a steep discount, the Philadelphia Media Network is set to begin selling Android tablets with digital subscriptions to its two newspapers.
The discount it is expected to offer can go as high as half-off of the suggested retail price with further discounts on the digital subscriptions likely. While many of those that might take advantage of the offer may or may not actually be current Philadelphia Inquirer or Daily News readers, the pairing of the content with the device may work well to increase the subscriber base.
The company’s initial roll-out of this program is expected to occur in August with 2,000 units and more to follow, depending on how well the program does. In much the same way that mobile carriers offer subsidies on phones in exchange for a two-year contract, this deal would be expected to pay off with continued long-term subscription revenue. No doubt the discount will do well to drive new readers to the publications.
Could this be the future of print media? As legacy print publications continue to look for new ways to maintain their reader base and capture the attention of a new audience, adaptation is absolutely key. If this works, it may be a sign of things to come.

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