WebMail Notifier Gives you Visual Email Notifications

WebMail NotifierEvery once in a while, a gimmicky gadget comes along that makes me smile. Usually, these gadgets are a bit humorous in nature such as a Darth Vader USB hub or a USB Christmas tree, but this time around it’s the WebMail Notifier that has caught my attention.

This little plastic envelope plugs directly into your PC via USB and lights up with one of three configurable colors to indicate messages on one of any number of platforms are awaiting your attention.

The original Dream Cheeky WebMail Notifier has been copied by a number of knock-off distributors, and many of them don’t work the way this one does. This has caused a lot of confusion among users that end up with a knock-off version of the product, though the best place to get this notifier is directly from Dream Cheeky.

That aside, what does it actually do?

The Dream Cheeky WebMail Notifier alerts you to activity on:

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • Outlook Express
  • POP3
  • Weibo
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Imagine seeing a big blue light shining on your desk with each mention on Twitter or a red light appear when someone emails your “for emergencies only” email address. This is what the WebMail Notifier does.

There is an option to include audio notifications, though you’ll need to have speakers connected to your system in order for this to work. The WebMail Notifier is simply a big light with a unique look that responds to special software available for Windows 7, Vista, and XP users. I currently don’t see any support for OS X on the Dream Cheeky site, though the company has been adding support for OS X on existing products gradually.

At the end of the day, it’s really just a light. It’s there to make your desk look more interesting and perhaps let you know about an important message that came in while you were away.

The 4′ USB cable included with the WebMail Notifier is long enough to let it sot on the corner of a cubical wall, making it a great visual reminder for group email accounts shared by members of a team so someone knows it’s time to check the messages.

What would you do with a WebMail Notifier? Leave a creative comment below and let us know.

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